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Shovel meat

Two Franconian classics to enjoy
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Enjoyment in a jar
Franconian enjoyment without much effort is possible at any time with our delicious specialities from Kaiserburg! Cold or warm, with side dishes or placed directly on hearty bread, the regional delicacies simply always taste good. The jars can be kept unrefrigerated until opened and fit into any picnic basket or bag for a midday snack.

Schäufele is a classic of Franconian cuisine and is also known and loved far beyond Franconia. For our Schäufele in a jar, we prepare juicy meat from the Schäufele according to a traditional family recipe. Schäufele is finely seasoned shoulder meat with a light hint of caraway delights and its exceptionally tenderness. We suggest enjoying our Schäufele with a side of sauerkraut and potatoes.

There are many roast recipes in our country - but for our cold roast is made, following an old Franconian recipe. The best quality pork roast is of course gently cooked and seasoned with a delicate hint of pepper.

If you would like to taste even more of our traditional Franconian cuisine, then take a look around our "Delikatessen" department in the online shop!
Package contents
Schäufele Fleisch
Schäufele Fleisch
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Kalter Braten
Kalter Braten
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