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Franconian specialities

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Savoury delicacies to enjoy
A summery salad and sweet spreads in every respect, but sometimes you just need something hearty and savoury. A slice of bread, thickly topped with salami or spread with liver sausage for breakfast or a juicy roulade with dumplings and red cabbage for dinner. Because we know that Gingerbread and sweets are not everything in life, there are also savoury things to buy at the Lebkuchen-Schmidt-Shop. Our Franconian specialities, such as the sour Franconian bratwursts or the sauerbraten are freshly cooked and packed under pressure while they are still warm. So even after weeks, they still taste like they were just taken out of the pot. All you have to do is heat up the juicy roasts and sausages, prepare dumplings and vegetables as a side dish - and enjoy.

Here comes Gingerbread in the sauce
If you want something savoury on the table before the sweet treat, the Franconian specialities from Lebkuchen-Schmidt are just right for you: Here we offer very special delicacies that only need to be heated up - and a delicious, invigorating meal is ready. But without Gingerbread we Franconians can't do savoury either: A traditional Franconian Sauerbraten comes naturally in a creamy Gingerbread sauce, which you will definitely not get enough of.

Delicious for those in a hurry
Whether it is the aforementioned Franconian sauerbraten or deliciously filled roulades, spicy game goulash or a crispy crusted roast: At Lebkuchen-Schmidt, the savoury meals are delivered in portions and can wait in the pantry for their use. For example, if you finish work late and don't feel like cooking. Or if the whole family surprisingly announce themselves for Sunday lunch and you do not have enough in the refrigerator. Or if you simply want to enjoy something "proper" from the home-made cuisine. No matter for what reason you choose our products, one thing is clear: Cooking couldn't be any quicker or easier. Just add a few side dishes and you have an exquisite meal. You also don't have to tell anyone that you weren't in the kitchen yourself. Our recipes and the best ingredients make sure that nobody notices ...

Because not all sausages are alike
In the category of Franconian specialities, sausage ranges are of course not to be missed. Crunchy Pfefferbeißer, delicious home-made sausage in a jar, original Nuremberg bratwursts and many other specialities are tied together in various parcels. You and your loved ones are guaranteed to find your favourite sausage in each one, whether for a hearty snack in the evening or simply in between. Of course, a Franconian beer goes perfectly with it, but because everything tastes so incredibly good, what you drink with our Franconian specialities is actually, yes, it doesn't matter ...