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Cakes & Tortes

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Cakes and tortes: No coffee table is complete without it
A tasty torte is the ideal accompaniment for afternoon coffee and a tender cake makes a nice visit an unforgettable one. A chocolate cream torte can dry tears and make children's eyes shine, wedding cakes are the secret star at any wedding ceremony and imagine a child's birthday without a cake. Unthinkable!

Tortes: The sweetness of artists
Baker and confectioner, that is a dream job for many - despite the working hours. Nowhere else is precise craftsmanship combined with creativity as much as when baking and decorating a torte. It makes no difference, whether you conjure up a seemingly simple but always delicious marble cake or serve your guests a summery fresh butter cream torte.
Fruit varieties such as the classic strawberry torte with a sponge cake base are still popular today, even though they suffered from their reputation as omega cakes in the meantime and were replaced by cheesecakes and American cheesecakes in cafés for a few years. But made with love, any classic apple cake can compete with modern confectioner's creations.

Cakes do not always have to be home-made
You see: Cakes and tortes are an integral part of our lives, no matter whether a festive event is coming up or you just want to spend a cosy Sunday afternoon. But always doing your own baking? For many, this is not feasible at all, not even at Christmas or during Advent. Unfortunately, baking mixes and frozen cakes never taste like home-made. The alternative: Handcrafted confectioner's works of art by Lebkuchen-Schmidt - in our extensive range of juicy cakes and lovingly decorated tortes you are guaranteed to find something for every occasion: The Baumkuchen Beetle for the next children's birthday party, the fantastic chocolate Sachertorte in a gift tin as a present or a Linzer Torte for a relaxed Sunday afternoon with friends.