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Spices make a meal perfect
Salt, pepper and a few herbs are often enough to turn a mediocre meal into a fantastic one. Spices are the core of a good sauce and a delicious soup, they sometimes make the only difference between a bland meal and upscale star cuisine. But which spice is the right one when?

The perfect blend of spices
No matter whether in the oriental cuisine, the Bavarian Obatzten or the sweet and sour sauce in the Chinese restaurant: Each dish has its own unique combination of flavours and spices and each cook has his or her secret recipes for delicious roast gravy, marinades, goulash or curries. To make such spice blends yourself, you sometimes need dozens of different spices and then have to combine them in just the right amounts to get a taste just like you are used to from your favourite restaurant. Sprinkling a little oregano in the tomato soup is not enough for an unforgettable Bolognese. As a hobby cook, you don't have to be ashamed at all if you use a prepared seasoning mixture such as our fine meat seasoning or the fine herb seasoning salt. After all, it contains the same ingredients that you find in packages of individual spices. You only save hours of trial and error and do not have to spend many euros on individual spices.

Spices for salad dressings and dressings
The right spice also plays a major role in salads. Sure: The classic of vinegar and oil with a little pepper and salt, everyone likes it and everyone knows how to use it. But sometimes you might want a more refined dressing, for example made from mustard and honey, or a salad dressing with a mature balsamic vinegar. With such dressings, the right balance of spices is at least as important as with any other sauce - and because herbs are involved, the effort is all the greater if you want to find the right combination of ingredients yourself. Our Fine Salad Seasoner takes these trials off your hands and perfectly complements every fresh dressing. With a tasty olive oil and a little vinegar, however, it also makes an excellent fresh, summery salad dressing without any other ingredients.