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Customise products at Lebkuchen-Schmidt

Lebkuchen-Schmidt has been enchanting sweet tongues for 90 years with fine Gingerbread and other pastry specialities. Many of them are delivered year after year in exquisite tins, caskets, boxes and even chests. The artistically designed tins and chests have always been considered collectors' items among Gingerbread lovers and are therefore a popular gift - also among employees, colleagues and business partners.
Order customised company gifts from 30 pieces online!

If you would like to give your company gifts a personal touch, take advantage of our option to print a number of motifs with your own logo or even design the entire packaging motif. With this you show the recipient that you are making an extra effort. Various delicacies from the Lebkuchen-Schmidt range are suitable for the logo print. We have prepared a number of standard motifs for this purpose, which you can add to your logo.
Lebkuchen-Schmidt offers you the possibility to print all lids from our range of Gingerbread tins as well as a selection of different Gingerbread packages with your logo. Below, you will find a list of the special features of some of our products and the number of possible motifs.

What is so special about customised Gingerbread tins?

Our tin "Silver Line" as well as our classic Gingerbread silver tin offer plenty of individualisation possibilities, such as tins with:
  • Your company logo above the lid printing
  • Customised labelling
  • Lid and tin body embossing
  • Flyer supplements

Even in the simplest version with a standard motif, our tins make a good impression. The noble appearance and the timelessly elegant design harmonise perfectly with the high-quality contents - finest Nuremberg Elisen Lebkuchen or fine Nuremberg Oblate Lebkuchen with chocolate and sugar icing.
Tailor-made customer gifts with Lebkuchen-Schmidt!

With tailor-made customer gifts, you can create a real wow effect. From an individual printing, a special embossing or a completely customised packaging design according to your wishes - for customer gifts we realise your wishes. In doing so, we personally respond to your desired forms, goals and needs. Thus, tailor-made gifts from Lebkuchen-Schmidt are available in small or large editions.