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Coffee & Breakfast

Cappuccino Classic
For 20 cups of cappuccino with a fine crema and special aroma
14,90 €
4.84/5.00 (19 Customer Rating)
Shipping time: 3 to 5 days
Weight: 646 g
Net-Weight: 500 g
Price per kg: 29,80 €
Item No.: 70016
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Cocoa specialty
1 can of organic drinking chocolate vanilla
12,90 €
4.94/5.00 (16 Customer Rating)
Shipping time: 3 to 5 days
Weight: 327 g
Net-Weight: 250 g
Price per kg: 51,60 €
Item No.: 75671
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Mug with heart motif
Whether for Mother's Day, wedding anniversary or just because
12,90 €
4.5/5.00 (2 Customer Rating)
Shipping time: 3 to 5 days
Weight: 355 g
Net-Weight: 315 g
Item No.: 75028
Price incl. 19% VAT incl. Shipping
The day begins with a big breakfast!
Without coffee, tea or cocoa, a breakfast is not a real breakfast, no matter how good the bread roll tastes. Without a hot cup of happiness, an afternoon coffee would be just an afternoon and hours of meetings would be hard to bear. Many a café stands or falls on the quality of its coffee. At Lebkuchen-Schmidt you will find tasty cakes, tortes and other small delights as well as delicious hot drinks.

The right coffee for the right occasion
But not all coffee is alike. Some of us like strong, black filter coffee, others prefer a smooth latte with lots of foam or a stylish Viennese melange. Our range of coffee is as different and varied as the cakes that are served with it.
At Lebkuchen-Schmidt, we recognise that coffee is becoming more of a gourmet experience and our popular Brazil coffee, harvested at over 1,300 metres above sea level on the Sao Silvestre plantation is one such gourmet coffee.
But what about the little ones who may not like tea and are not allowed to drink coffee yet? They’ll love our cocoa, it’s the same colour, tastes sweeter and goes even better with a tasty chocolate cake.