For more than 90 years, Nuremberg’s Lebkuchen-Schmidt has been the world’s leading mail-order provider of exquisite Gingerbread and pastry specialities.
Putting our heart into it!

It’s the motto of Lebkuchen-Schmidt and a daily promise of all our employees when it comes to producing the finest specialities for you.

Our staff work with great passion and with a vision that drives them, so we can constantly innovate and surprise whilst still pouring our heart into the classic products we know you love.
Simply unique!

State-of-the-art production facilities and traditional recipes ensure quality and consistency of flavour across our entire range.

Even before production begins, we lay the foundations for great flavour. Over the decades our emphasis has always been on the careful selection of our ingredients. Because, only with the best ingredients can we create the best products for our customers.
Pure passion - every day!

As an employer, we have always stood for reliability and quality, striving every day to ensure that our employees are happy and well looked after and this is reflected in how long many of our team have been with us!

By constantly investing in jobs and staff, we inspire the highest level of passion from everyone.
Always with you!

We take our economic responsibility to the area seriously.

As such, we are committed to supporting local businesses and associations, no matter how small, sponsoring art, culture and sport and providing a varied backdrop in the daily lives of our employees.
From coincidence to a lucky chance
A quick start
Small but perfectly formed – production grows
Hard times for the young company
The company's reconstruction
Rapid growth
New company headquarters at Zollhausstraße
The Schmidt-Burkhardt family tradition
since 1990
The company's modernisation
Proud of 90 years of tradition in Nuremberg