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Soups & sauces

Soups and sauces: The basis of every feast
A juicy roast with tasty dumplings and red cabbage but no sauce? We would like to see the faces of your loved ones there. A sinfully delicious four-course menu without soup as a starter? The waiter will have to listen to something. Soups and sauces are inconspicuous and are seldom praised as much as the actual main course or dessert - yet hardly any meal works without them.

The basis of all soups: Broth and stock
Whether you are cooking a fine pea cream soup, a rustic potato soup or a varied wedding soup: The basis of each of these soups is a broth, a stock - a cloudy power soup made of lots of vegetables, sometimes meat and spices. And although the basic structure of a vegetable soup seems so simple, every professional chef and every experienced housewife has her very own secret recipe for this soup base. But who has time today to cook their own broth? To do this, the pot must be left on the stove for at least two hours, but better eight, ten or even twelve hours, so that all the aromas are really released from the vegetables. In our Delicate Broth and Delicate Beef and Chicken Bouillon we use the freshest ingredients, without food colourings or additional fats and of course we also offer variants without flavour enhancers - so actually we only take the long cooking time off your hands. Because of the authentic flavour of real vegetables, many customers use our soups as a basis for countless different soups, but also like to spoon them as a clear broth or drink them directly from the cup. This gives strength and tastes good, not only when you are sick.

A roast needs roast gravy
Especially our beef broth, is often used as a basis for delicious gravies, whether with for roast or in a creamy gravy with mushrooms for game. Because no matter how juicy a roast pork is, a lamb filet or a shish kebab - without a hearty pepper sauce or a fiery paprika sauce it simply doesn't taste good. Or just think about fondue: Of course, the sauces here are often anything but classic, but also exotic curry sauces, barbecue sauces or an American cocktail sauce usually have as a basis, the intensive and hearty seasoning of a basic gravy, a jus or even a delicious vegetable broth.