Finest marzipan cream on hazelnut nougat cream
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Favourite person tin
Filled with exquisite chocolates and truffles
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Weight: 500 g
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Chocolates: Still the best gift
Everyone loves chocolates, whether for Mother’s Day, Christmas, a wedding anniversary or Valentine's Day, they always bring a smile to the recipient's face.

Pralines are the best
Take a little nougat, caramel or some cherries, cover them with white, dark or milk chocolate and garnish the little work of art with a few sugar threads. But there’s so much more to pralines than that!

Some pralines are filled with fine creams and spirits, while others consist of several layers of different types of chocolate mousse. Some pralines break the mould completely, like our popular Matterhörnli. These sweet chocolate mountains look like the world-famous Matterhorn, one of the highest mountains in the Swiss Alps. They are filled with delicate caramel or delicious gianduja, a smooth and delicious type of nougat cream.

Even our world-famous classics, such as the fine Viennese Mozartkugeln with marzipan filling, are pralines at their core.

The right gift packaging for chocolates
With such a wide range of chocolates available, you’ll always find the right gift for every occasion. But with gifts from Lebkuchen-Schmidt it‘s always about the packaging - beautiful tins with an elegant 20's design or a special chest of drawers that can be used again and again, long after the chocolates have been gobbled up!
If decorative tins and chests aren’t your thing, how about our gift boxes completely made of chocolate, filled to the brim with cinnamon star pralines? A gift from Santa Claus couldn‘t be sweeter than this!