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Honey: The sweetness of nature
Honey on bread and butter, this is still as popular as ever, even in times of nougat cream and increasingly exotic spreads: The tart sweetness and the ever new taste of blossoms, rosemary needles and forest herbs simply go better with fresh sourdough bread than anything else. But with the sweet nectar, you can make so much more than just a honey sandwich.

Where does the honey actually come from?
Many people consider honey to be a natural substitute for sugar - but it has a lot more to offer than white crystals: While sugar almost always just tastes sweet, honey has a range of aromas that even make wines go pale. How a honey tastes depends on where the bees that produce it live. Through the pollen that they collect, they determine the flavour of the honey that you later find on your breakfast table. A beehive on an unmown meadow with many wild flowers will produce a breathtaking blossom honey. Honey from a hive in the middle of an old deciduous forest will take on the smell, air and taste of the surrounding woods. The finely tart aroma of such forest honey fits perfectly into hearty-sweet dishes, for example with goat cheese or salmon in a honey-mustard marinade. With such a variety of flavours, it is clear that some honeys are rarer than others and therefore a little more expensive. A very special type of honey is the royal jelly: This is only produced in small quantities in the beehive and is extremely intense and tasty. Because it is enormously important for the colony itself, it is only taken in minute quantities to ensure the survival of the hive. Royal jelly, for example, can cost over 100 Euro per kilo.

Honey for baking and cooking
The fact that honey has so much more aroma than simple sugar makes it a popular ingredient in hearty dishes that can do with a touch of sweetness, such as the goat cheese mentioned earlier. But it is also the basis for special sweets, cakes or tortes that want to be more than just sweet. The best example: our delicious Lebkuchen. It is not without reason that they are called honey cakes elsewhere - and besides nuts and spices, it is also the honey that gives them their incomparable taste. You can also find many recipes with honey on our Christmas theme page.