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Gingerbread chests

Exclusive gourmet chest
Fine biscuit specialities
65,00 €
5/5.00 (5 Customer Rating)
Shipping time: 3 to 5 days
Weight: 3.400 g
Net-Weight: 1.900 g
Item No.: 50541
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Nuremberg at Night Chest 2021
Metal chest with 6 Christmas specialities
29,90 €
4.95/5.00 (19 Customer Rating)
unfortunately no longer available
Weight: 2.200 g
Net-Weight: 1.150 g
Item No.: 50581
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Gingerbread in the pre-Christmas period
Hardly any other sweet treat is so clearly associated with Christmas as Lebkuchen. Delicious dough with lots of nuts and sweet honey, glazed or chocolate-coated, placed on wafers or in fantastic shapes: Gingerbread delights everyone. The Original Nuremberg Lebkuchens from Lebkuchen-Schmidt stand for three things: the highest quality ingredients, recipes that inspire - whether traditional or modern - and a lot of love when baking. Because every Gingerbread and every other exquisite delights that leaves our bakery should evoke the most beautiful feelings in you: pleasurable anticipation of the most beautiful time of the year.

Gingerbread chests: the perfect gift for connoisseurs
"What to give?" Many people ask themselves this question year after year, in December at the latest. We know: Enjoy Lebkuchen-Schmidt! Best packed in one of the beautiful chests, because they are already an eye-catcher in themselves! Inside, depending on the chest, the recipient will find an exquisite variety of Schmidt's delights: Original Elisen Lebkuchen are of course a must, with for example fine nougat buttons, fruit hearts or Speculatius biscuits in a pretty packaging. Especially fantastic: The elaborately designed metal chests can also be used wonderfully after Christmas, and all over the world there are many a fan who collects the beautiful caskets, as new designs are released year after year!

Gifts to send - directly from Lebkuchen-Schmidt!
Our Gingerbread chests are especially popular as gifts for friends and relatives abroad. In a chest you will find an overview of our delicious products, and everyone who would otherwise miss fine Gingerbread at Christmas time will be delighted with the delicious parcel. In our online shop, you can order the chests to your home and then send them on. Our anti-stress tip: Let us send your Gingerbread gifts directly from us to your loved ones! Write a few words of love, which we will print on a greeting card of your choice, and the mail will go out to all those who are eagerly waiting for Lebkuchen!