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Sweets - the little reward in everyday life
Sometimes you don't need a whole piece of cake or a bar of chocolate - then you just want to reach quickly into the sweets shelf and put a sweet, a drop, a biscuit or a chocolate coin in your mouth. And not only at Christmas or Advent, but all year round. These few seconds of pure pleasure do more for our well-being than we think.

Sweets are healthier than you think
Of course, there is healthier food than chocolate, jelly bears or marzipan chocolates. After all, most of these treats are full of sugar. But as almost always in life, the dose makes the poison. Sweets in moderation will not harm you or your children - on the contrary: Sweets stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain and have been proven to make you happy. Even if this effect is mainly attributed to chocolate, it is actually true for all sweets. That means you can reward yourself with English jelly fruits, mint flakes or hazelnut corners - whatever tastes best to you. Even if you are eating figure-consciously or maybe you just don't like it too sweet, there are sweets for you! In our shop, these are, for example, the popular Spelt Chocolate Wafers. The nutty aroma of the spelt flour offers chocolate fans completely new flavours.

Sweets as a present
But sweets are also perfect as token gifts for any occasion. When chocolates are too personal and romantic and wine is not suitable, we instinctively reach for other sweet surprises. So that it looks appealing (and you don't need gift wrapping paper in the stress of the journey) you will find many sweets in our shop in pretty gift boxes for every occasion. Our macarons in the pink gift tin, for example, are the perfect gift for every girls' evening and a Königsberger Marzipan Mix is also a delight for young confectionery gourmets, despite its elegant and nostalgic presentation, thanks to the incomparable caramel crust. But even if you need to apologise to someone - nothing says "I'm sorry" in a sweeter way than a bag of delicious chocolate bars.