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What does "Nuremberg Lebkuchen" actually mean?

Unlike many other food designations such as Emmental cheese, for example, the designation "Nuremberger Lebkuchen" is a genuine indication of location. Only Lebkuchens that were baked here in Nuremberg can call themselves Nuremberg Lebkuchen.

When we create new varieties, we like to combine tradition with new recipes - just like with our Gingerbread of the year 2015. But when people think of Nuremberger Lebkuchen, they still picture the classic round wafer Lebkuchens with chocolate or sugar icing.

Unlike Nuremberger Lebkuchen, Elisen Lebkuchen must contain hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds. The Elise must also be produced in Nuremberg, and only then will you have a real Nuremberg Elisen Lebkuchen. .
Gingerbread and Nuremberg: How did they come together?

Thanks to its central location on important spice trade routes and a constant supply of local honey used by monks during the Middle Ages to make honey cake, Nuremberg became the home of Lebkuchen. A craft and tradition built up over centuries that’s as special now as it was back then.