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Delicacies from Kaiserburg

Indulgence knows no bounds. We have compiled exquisite delicacies under Kaiserburg Feinkost. Enjoy soups, sauces, Franconian specialities and special wines and spirits.

Broths - the classics

Noble spirits and aromatic wines!

Always a good start to the day

Delicatessen - especially for your enjoyment!
... Delicatessen ... The word alone, borrowed from the French, promises exquisite delicacies characterised by the finest ingredients and careful preparation. But just because delicatessen products are considered luxury by many, doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. Let us surprise you with our fine and delicate goods to suit every budget!

Franconian and Bavarian delicacies
If you’re pining for a taste of home, you’ll love our Franconian snack assortment, delicious Sauerbraten and Hausmacher sausage, all prepared according to traditional recipes and made with exquisite ingredients. And because they’re all packaged specially, they will survive the journey to wherever you are. Of course, the hearty delicacies are also perfect for home: if you don't have time or feel like cooking, all you have to do is heat up the delicious dishes, add a side, and your delicatessen meal is ready, just for you or the whole family. Fine broths, soups and sauces also make up this delicious selection. Simply order your Franconian delicacies online, with direct delivery to you or your loved ones.

Fine delicacies made with craftmanship
We don’t just specialise in Franconian goods, and you can order everything from jam and coffee to exquisite spirits from our delicatessen. Try the delicious Franconian wine duo or the fruity berry wine. You can even order gin with juniper berries for a truly delicate treat!