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Salami duo: Salametti & Siciliana

Italian savory delight
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Italian snack!
A good snack definitely includes a piece of salami. With our salami duo you can enjoy it the Italian way! We have produced the two specialties according to Italian recipes and refined them with natural Mediterranean herbs.

The Salametti is an air-dried salami with noble mold from high-quality pork. It is particularly pleasant and mild in taste and texture. For the perfect aroma, the Salametti is matured for two months.

The Siciliana is a lightly smoked, naturally matured salami, with an exquisite, delicate taste, which also comes from the six weeks of maturation.

Enjoy the salami duo just so with a piece of baguette - or put together an Italian snack: Served with the salami Parmesan cheese, olives, pickled peppers, artichokes and zucchini and, of course, freshly baked ciabatta bread. Whether at the dining table at home or on a hiking break trip on the South Tyrolean peaks: enjoyment is guaranteed with our salami duo!
Package contents
Salami Salametti
Salami Salametti
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Salami Siziliana
Salami Siziliana
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