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Apple Aronia Liqueur

an especially fine composition
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The classic among the Obstler
The Franconian region is not only known for its breweries and wines, but also for its schnapps: In many villages, you can find distilleries that produce delicious brandies in various flavours, often still &quot;handmade&quot;.<br /> <br /> An extremely popular classic is the Williams Christ pear brandy, wonderfully aromatic and mild in flavour, despite its 40 percent alcohol content. Only selected fruits that ripen in Franconian Switzerland are used for the production. You will taste the quality already with the first sip!<br /> <br /> Enjoy Williams Christ schnapps traditionally as a digestif after a meal or mix it with rye whiskey and elderberry syrup, for example, to create an extraordinary cocktail. Pear brandy is also perfect as a flavouring element in desserts: How about with currant tiramisu? The schnapps gives the dessert that certain something extra. The classic Pear Helene with a shot will also be sure to please your guests. Have fun trying it out!
For all lovers of fine wines
Chokeberry is a rather unknown berry in our regions. However, it has also been growing "only" for a good 150 years in Europe and is therefore not yet known to everyone. Unjustly so, we think.

The black berries, which are a little bit of reminiscent of elderberries and are also called apple berries, have a tart and sour taste and are therefore predestined for distillation into schnapps and liqueur.

We have in our range, a liqueur of the special kind: Aronia, i.e. chokeberry, mixed with "real" apples from Franconian orchards and processed to a really extraordinary fine drop. The slightly sour after-taste makes the chokeberry liqueur a perfect companion for ice-cream sundaes and other desserts - a little break in style, so to speak, which causes real taste explosions. Our favourite is vanilla ice cream with the fine liqueur!

But of course you can enjoy the sweet schnapps straight or on ice or serve it to your guests mixed with Prosecco as a special aperitif. There are no limits to your imagination!
In particular cases, some modifications of this document's contents may have been effected after publication. Therefore, please kindly check the ingredient list and the nutritional information on the product packaging itself before consumption.

Apple-chokeberry liqueur
Alcohol 18% vol

responsible food company:
Georg Heim GmbH, Südring 2-4, D-91443 Scheinfeld
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Energy 0kJ
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Protein 0g
Salt 0g
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