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Cherry brandy Liquor

fruity-herb from fully ripe cherries
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Fruity and tart and simply full of cherry
Every master confectioner has a bottle of high-quality cherry brandy in his pantry. The reason is obvious: One of the most popular cakes in this country is the Black Forest gateau, and this is only really tasty and especially noble with fine cherry brandy.

Our cherry brandy, which you can buy in our online shop along with many other fruit brandies, is made from ripe Franconian cherries, which are cultivated especially for the schnapps. Therefore this schnapps will surprise you with its intense flavour, fruity and tart and simply full of cherry. Despite its 40 percent alcohol content it is quite mild, so that it is not only suitable as a cake ingredient, but also tastes good as a digestif after a rich meal.

By the way, there are numerous other dessert and cake recipes with fine cherry brandy. Since cherry and chocolate go together perfectly, our favourites are chocolate macaroons with cherry brandy and chocolate cake with cherry brandy. And what do you and your guests like best?