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Smoked bratwurst
(18 Customer Rating)
Speciality franconian style
4,50 €
At your home in 3-5 working days
Weight: 200 g
Net-Weight: 150 g
Price per kg: 30,00 €
Item No.: 75137
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Homemade sausage range
(96 Customer Rating)
Homemade hunters sausage, city sausage, liver sausage and farmer's breakfast
17,90 €
At your home in 3-5 working days
Weight: 1.027 g
Net-Weight: 800 g
Item No.: 90706
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Peppered ham
(8 Customer Rating)
Speciality with a fine pepper crust
8,90 €
At your home in 3-5 working days
Weight: 318 g
Net-Weight: 250 g
Price per kg: 35,60 €
Item No.: 75132
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Salami duo: Salametti & Siciliana
(10 Customer Rating)
Italian savory delight
11,90 €
At your home in 3-5 working days
Weight: 502 g
Net-Weight: 370 g
Price per kg: 32,16 €
Item No.: 70445
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Lard duo
(6 Customer Rating)
Iberico lard & duck lard in a double pack
10,90 €
At your home in 3-5 working days
Weight: 370 g
Net-Weight: 200 g
Price per kg: 54,50 €
Item No.: 70447
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Franconian Snack Range
(97 Customer Rating)
Pfefferbeißer, grilled bratwursts, chopped bratwurst, beer ham and more
32,90 €
At your home in 3-5 working days
Weight: 1.917 g
Net-Weight: 1.400 g
Item No.: 90810
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Sausage packet
(24 Customer Rating)
Exquisite butcher quality for home or on the road
46,90 €
At your home in 3-5 working days
Weight: 2.281 g
Net-Weight: 2.000 g
Item No.: 90900
Price incl. 7% VAT plus Shipping
Schinken auf einem schwarzen Tablett mit Brot

Buy sausage online

Delicious by tradition - the best way to describe the sausage specialities in our online store. Made from the best meat, refined with wonderfully coordinated spices and of course processed with love: With every bite into our sausage products, you can taste the quality and craftsmanship.

Smoked specialities

Do you prefer Franconian or Italian? For sausage gourmets, we have both smoked delicacies in our assortment. Our pepper ham, for example, is made from fine pork according to Franconian tradition. After smoking, it needs a little time to mature before it finds its way onto your plate. And then it tastes simply delicious...

We Franconians are also known for our bratwurst. In every region there are different ways of preparing it - in our butchery we follow an old family recipe that promises a special taste experience. After production, the bratwursts are not grilled as usual, but smoked. This creates a hearty delicacy that you can take with you on your next hike, to the office or to school. A Franconian sausage snack that goes perfectly with a roll or pretzel.

A little further south, on the other hand, come the recipes for our Italian delicacies in a double pack: the Salamettik salami made from pure pork and the Salami Siciliana made from pork and beef. Both salami varieties are refined with exquisite spices and, after smoking, have had plenty of time to mature so they can develop their unique taste.


Homemade sausage assortments

A hearty snack includes a few things: fresh bread, butter, cheese and, of course, delicious sausage. To ensure that you always have a supply of our delicious sausage specialities in your cupboard, they come in packages: In the Hausmacher Wurst assortment you will find homemade Jagdwurst, Stadtwurst, Leberwurst and Bauernfrühstück. In the Franconian snack assortment, pepper bites, bratwurst, ham and canned sausage are accompanied by sauerkraut and a bottle of Nuremberg drops. And in the large supply package you’ll find 2 kg of sausages and bacon, beer sausage, canned sausage and much more to satisfy every Feinschmecker appetite. All specialities are of course made from the best meat, and each variety delights with its own flavour.

Buy sausage online

Order our sausage products easily online and have them delivered to your home or to sausage connoisseur friends and family, here and abroad. Simply specify an alternative address when ordering, and we'll send our sausage specialities to your loved ones.