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Forest honey 2 x 4000 g

Fine forest honey in a storage pack
139,90 €
At your home in 3-5 working days
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Weight: 9.007 g
Net-Weight: 8.000 g
Price per kg: 17,49 €
Item No.: 80376
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fine forest honey in a storage pack
For those who use a lot of honey, we have filled our best forest honey in 4 kg buckets and offer them in a double pack. So you always have honey in stock!

But how does the honey actually get into the jar? This happens in several steps:
  • First, the honeycombs are very carefully removed from the hive.
  • Then the bee-keeper also carefully scrapes the wax lids off the combs. To do this, he uses a special tool that is somewhat reminiscent of a glass scraper.
  • Now, it's time for the centrifuge: The honeycombs go into a kind of large bowl that rotates very quickly. In this process, the honey is extracted from the cells.
  • From the bowl, the honey runs off via a tap into other vessels, but in the process it makes its way through several sieves of different sizes so that all wax particles are collected.
  • This honey is now stirred over a longer period of time again and again by the bee-keeper. Only when the bee-keeper finds the honey to be "ready" does it go into the jar or, as with Lebkuchen-Schmidt, into the buckets and can be sold.
In particular cases, some modifications of this document's contents may have been effected after publication. Therefore, please kindly check the ingredient list and the nutritional information on the product packaging itself before consumption.

Forest Honey
Origin: Blend of EU and non-EU honeys.Notification: Honey is a natural finished raw product and therefore not suitable for children younger than 12 months.

responsible food company:
Lebkuchen-Schmidt GmbH & Co.KG, Zollhausstraße 30, D-90469 Nürnberg/Germany
Nutritional information
General nutritional information * per
Energy 1.331kJ
- of which saturates
- of which sugars
Protein 0,4g
Salt 0,10g
Customer Rating
(14 Customer Rating)

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Very good
Gewohnt beste Qualität.
Very good
Very good
Weil er uns schmeckt, nur die Eimer könnten sich besser gießen lassen
Very good
Ein gutes Produkt. Schmeckt hervorragend. Wäre hilfreich wenn der Herkunftsnachweis Mal dabei wäre. Sonst alles gut.
Very good
Der Waldhonig wird vorwiegend als Brotaufstrich, aber auch zum süssen von Speisen verwandt. Gute Erfahrungen, gleichbleibende Qualität!
Very good
The best that money can buy.
Very good
Brotaufstrich morgens
Very good
Der Honig wird als Brotaufstrich, zum süssen von Tees oder anderen Speisen verwendet. Jedem zu empfehlen der diese süße Wohltat mag. Die Qualität ist, wie immer,ausgezeichnet
Very good
Verwendung zum Frühstück als Aufstrich. Geschmacklich intensiv. Gute gleichbleibende Qualität. Leider fehlt die Herkunftsangabe.
Very good
Zum Tee - aufs Brot Gute Qualität