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Plum Liqueur

a pleasantly palatable liqueur
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Sweet and palatable from franconian plums
One of the sweetest and also most popular late summer fruits is definitely the plum. In August, the branches are full of the delicious vitamin bombs, and we like to process them into delicious plum cake, puree, compote or jam.

However, the wonderful plum aroma can be kept in a liqueur for a particularly long time. The alcohol and the sugar ensure that the freshly harvested ripe Franconian plums exude their flavour over and over again for months as the final touch in desserts and on cake or ice cream.

Provided, of course, the bottle lasts that long. Which we in turn do not believe. We therefore strongly recommend that you order a winter stock in our online shop right away, so that you are prepared for all pleasurable occasions until the next harvest! This can be the crowning glory of a festive meal in the form of an ice cream bomb with a plum liqueur frosting, but also a glass neat or a shot in hot tea in front of the fireplace. Just as you like!