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Greeting Card "Genuss"

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Give sweet or savoury enjoyment
Give your loved ones a small or large moment of enjoyment: Place a small or large parcel full of delights from the Lebkuchen-Schmidt range. This can be a Franconian speciality parcel with savoury dishes, a delicious schnapps and our Lebkuchen Cookbook. Or a chocolate present with various pralines and chocolate shortcake biscuits. Or of course a Christmas parcel with Lebkuchen, biscuits and other delights for the holidays!<br /> <br /> But also small moments of enjoyment in between are a great pleasure: A few mini-cakes for the lunch break, a Lebkuchen packet for the coffee in the late afternoon, a few biscuits for the TV evening ...<br /> <br /> Whatever treats you give away: Add to the gesture with a personal card, with the words &quot;Time for Enjoyment&quot; written on it and with plenty of space inside for your own message, either written by yourself or printed by us. Because we can add your words on the card directly to the parcel and send it to the recipient. This also leaves you more time for enjoyment!
Customer Rating
4.33/5.00 (3 Customer Rating)
Gyermeknapi üdvözletet kerestem. sajnos nem találtam.
Very good
Ein schöner Gruss kommt immer gut an.
Very good
Ein muß für kleine Freuden!