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Cook Books

What am I cooking today?
This is the question millions of men and women ask themselves every day, who like - or perhaps sometimes less so - to spoil their loved ones with delicious home-cooked meals. On some days the question is answered quickly, there is the children's favourite food, what the fridge has to offer, or simply something quick because time is short. On other days, however, many people want to try something new, maybe even experiment. Cookbooks are a veritable treasure trove of ideas and inspiration, with recipes that you can follow in detail or vary, in terms of preparation. One thing is certain, in any case: You can't have enough cookbooks, and a cookbook from the Lebkuchen-Schmidt range should not be missing on any kitchen shelf!

Cooking with Lebkuchen
In our cookbook range, a cookbook with Gingerbread recipes is of course an absolute must. We therefore regularly publish new editions in which fans, food bloggers and professional chefs have their say in recipes. And Gingerbread plays a role in everyone, in some a big one, in others a slightly smaller one. All the recipes are delicious, all of them should be tried out, and all of them are easy to follow, thanks to precise step-by-step instructions. We believe: For lovers of Lebkuchen, cookbooks by Lebkuchen-Schmidt are an indispensable companion in the kitchen!

A cook gone astray
He has also published several cookbooks: the Franconian star chef, Alexander Herrmann. And we were very happy to enter into cooperation with him - if only because of our common regional roots. But not for cookbooks: For Lebkuchen-Schmidt, Alexander Herrmann went to the bakery and created several delicious biscuits and mini-cakes with our masters, which you can find in the exclusive AH collection for Lebkuchen-Schmidt. The best combination: Enjoy one or the other of Alexander Herrmann's delights while you browse through one of our cookbooks in search of new ideas ...