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3 kinds of crispy biscuits by Alexander Herrmann
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Friends of sweet creations with lots of nuts really get their money's worth with our trio ZWEI.SAM. Alexander Herrmann has invented three different  fine crispy biscuits recipes exclusively for Schmidt, which are made in our bakery, and you can now order them in a 3-pack. After all, to find your favourite variety, you have to try each one at least once!

We have exotic cashew nuts, which promise unique taste experiences in combination with salt. Hazelnut and cocoa sounds like a classic, but Alexander Herrmann gives it a whole new twist. And lastly hazelnut and pumpkin. This on the other hand, is a combination that only few attempt, but thanks to chef Herrmann, these two simply go together wonderfully!

The many nuts in our crispy biscuits provide energy and are good for concentration, so they're perfect for breakfast, as a little kick after the lunch break or, of course, in the afternoon with coffee or tea. By the way, you can discover many more creations from the pen of Alexander Herrmann in our range, which the Franconian star chef has created for us. Just try any of them, it's worth it!
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