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Sea Buckthorn & Malt Shortbread

Surprisingly delicious combination by Alexander Herrmann
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Sea buckthorn & malt
Sea buckthorn and malt: Here, the north meets the south, with a new flavour that is exceptionally delicious! Alexander Herrmann has always relied on surprising combinations in his biscuit creations for Lebkuchen-Schmidt, and in the sweet and tart shortbread biscuits Sea Buckthorn & Malt he has even succeeded in bringing cultures together in a way never before seen.

Sea buckthorn is the sweet and sour, small orange-coloured fruit that grows on bushes in the Baltic and North Sea - also known as the "lemon of the North". Sea buckthorn is rather not eaten fresh, the fruit is especially well known in the form of jam, juice or liqueurs, a popular souvenir from holidays in the north.

Malt, in turn, is the main ingredient of beer, and malt sweets (block malt) are a typical Bavarian product, which most Southern Germans will certainly remember from their childhood.
The Franconian star chef has packed the treasures of the north and the south into a delicious shortbread and baked them into crunch biscuits with a unique flavour. A special treat for all those who like the extraordinary!
In particular cases, some modifications of this document's contents may have been effected after publication. Therefore, please kindly check the ingredient list and the nutritional information on the product packaging itself before consumption.

Shortbread with 17 % sea buckthorn and 3 % malt
Ingredients: SPELT FLOUR , BUTTER, sugar, sea buckthorn 17 %, OAT FLAKES, SPELLED MALT FLOUR 3 %, linseeds, rapeseed oil, WHOLE EGG POWDER, lemon juice concentrate, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate; sunflower oil, salt.
May contain traces of TREE NUTS, SESAME SEEDS, SOYBEANS and WHEAT.

responsible food company:
Lebkuchen-Schmidt GmbH & Co.KG, Zollhausstraße 30, D-90469 Nürnberg/Germany
Nutritional information
General nutritional information
* 1 piece = approx. 8.5g
Energy 1.979kJ
- of which saturates
- of which sugars
Fiber 5,6g 0,5g
Protein 8,9g 0,8g
Salt 0,43g 0,04g
Customer Rating
4.3/5.00 (10 Customer Rating)
Very good
kam sehr gut bei meinen Gästen an
Lecker und fein im Geschmack;
Very good
Super lecker zum Kaffee oder Tee.
Very good
Eine sehr gute Kombination. Bestelle es immer wieder.
Very good
alles sehr gut und es schmeckt
Das Gebäck ist im Geschmack, so wie in ihrem Katalog beschrieben , sehr gut.
Very good
Sanddorn - für mich eine neue Geschmacksnote, schmeckt super.
mm ooo zzz lll mmm üüüü ggggg
Sämtliche Verpackung noch geschlossen.
Very good
Lecker, aber vielleicht beim Mürbegebäck auch eine Sorte mit weniger Zucker anbieten