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Chocolate Apple Rings

Covered in delicate chocolate, pack of 2
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Fruity freshness
Delicately melting chocolate on the outside, fruity-fresh apple slices on the inside: Our chocolate apple rings are simply perfect for everyone who loves this sweet and sour combination. As you would expect from us, we have packed only the best ingredients into the bags. Unsulphurized apples ensure full flavour, and the chocolate is from the Fair Trade range, for enjoyment with a really good conscience. The rings are packed directly after production and taste as fresh as if you had just prepared them yourself in a chocolate fountain.

In the double pack, you'll find one bag of apple rings in smooth, sweet milk chocolate and one with rings in deliciously tart dark chocolate - so there's a sweet treat for every sweet tooth. Serve the exquisite chocolate apple rings with coffee or tea, as a small dessert or a snack in between. The beautifully packaged bags are also ideal as a souvenir or as an addition to a gift!
In our online shop you will find many more sweet gift and treat ideas - order as you like and have the delicacies conveniently delivered to your home!
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Ingredients Nutritional information
Ingredients Nutritional information
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4.2/5.00 (10 Customer Rating)
Sehr schöne Note im geschanck, kann man weiterempfehlen.
Very good
Apfelringe sind lecker und erfrischend
Very good
Gut,Gut,Gut,Gut,Gut,Sehr gut!
Very good
Köstlich wie immer. Frisch
Very good
Noch nicht angefangen. Aber sehen lecker aus.
Bitte nicht solange trocknen, fleischige lassen
Alles gut wie immer, auch der Service wie immer.
Very good
Super lecker, sind mir den höheren Preis voll wert.
Very good
Alles ok. Bald wieder. DANKE