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Nuremberg Arch Chest

High-quality metal chest with Christmas specialities
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With delicious Christmas specialities
The metal chests from Lebkuchen-Schmidt with their enchanting designs and delicious contents have long held cult status, not only in Germany but worldwide. They are collected, reused and given away as gifts to be admired again and again.

Sometimes we go one step further in creativity, as with the Nuremberg Arch Chest: here the design is a traditional one, indeed steeped in history, with old Nuremberg motifs around the tin. However, it is the shape that revealts the newest our innovation- it has become a wonderful, architectural arch.

And in the chest? Indulgence of the highest quality, of course! Six different Christmas specialities are waiting for you: the finest Elise gingerbread in various designs as well as the famous Dürerbrot.

Discover many more metal chests and boxes in our range, with new designs every year - perfect for your collection!
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