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Alcohol-free punch package

Christmas biscuits and blood orange punch
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For big and small connoisseurs
A great Christmas gift for young and old, already wrapped and filled with delicacies from Lebkuchen-Schmidt: This is the non-alcoholic punch package from our gifts selection!

On the outside, a beautifully designed box with Christmas motifs, on the inside pure festive pleasure with three different sweet Christmas specialities from our selection, rounded off by a bottle of fruity, tart, alcohol-free blood orange punch.

Blood oranges have to grow under very specific conditions, namely in areas with a lot of sun but very strong temperature differences between day and night in order to get their characteristic colour. On the slopes of Mount Aetna in Italy, for example, night temperatures are 2 degrees at the beginning of the year and 15 degrees during the day - perfect for the Moro orange variety to become delicious blood oranges.

Give our non-alcoholic punch package as a gift to your loved ones? And while you are at it, why not give yourself a gift as well? You will love this flavourful interplay of the fine tart punch and sweet delicacies!
Package contents
Dürer Bread
Dürer Bread
Ingredients Nutritional information
Non-alcoholic Punch blood orange
Non-alcoholic Punch blood orange
Ingredients Nutritional information