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Little Temptations

4 fine Christmas specialities
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You probably know that craving for something small and sweet, whether after a hearty meal or in the evening on the couch. Just treat yourself by reaching for our Little Temptations package full of Christmas specialities that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

In this set you will find various delicacies:
A pack of the finest Elise wafers, baked on a fresh wafer with lots of nuts and very little flour and covered in exquisite chocolate.

A pack of gingerbread hearts, one of the most popular Christmas desserts, coated in chocolate or icing.
Our popular Fairytale House, where you will find fine chocolate gingerbread and a lovely fairytale to read to your little ones.

Last but not least, a pack of nougat buttons, a classic from our Christmas bakery. These little biscuits are made from the finest ingredients and quite simply always taste great!
Order the Little Temptations package for yourself or give someone else a delicious treat, it's up to you!
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