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Lingonberry duo

Cranberries with juniper and red wine
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Is there a more perfect duo?
Cranberries have been picked and eaten since prehistoric times - although nowadays we rarely eat the fruit raw, as the taste takes some getting used to. It was not until it was processed into jellies and jams that the cranberry gained an important role in the kitchen: As an accompaniment to game and Wienerschnitzel, but also to Swedish Kötbullar, it is simply irreplaceable and gives every dish that certain extra flavour. We have flavoured the traditional cranberry recipes with juniper - ideal with meat - and with red wine - perfect with cheese. But try it for yourself!

By the way: In Finnish mythology, the cranberry plays an important role. In the heroic epic, Kalevala, a virgin becomes pregnant from eating a cranberry and gives birth to a son who is even more powerful than Väinämöinen, the wise hero of mythological tales from Scandinavia.

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Package contents
Cranberries with juniper
Cranberries with juniper
Ingredients Nutritional information
Cranberries with red wine
Cranberries with red wine
Ingredients Nutritional information
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Very good
Wird erst zum Festtagessen aufgemacht
Very good
Schmeckt sehr gut und ist fantastisch fruchtig.
Very good
Auch sehr gut zum Verschenken zu Weihnachten geeignet.