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Cake trio

1 package each of marzipan cakes, cherry cakes and eggnog cakes
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Loose-juicy cake trio in a triple pack
If you often have guests over for coffee or tea, then we have a very special tip for you: keep a supply of our delicious, juicy, fluffy cakes in your pantry. Because guests tend to come as a surprise once in a while, and as a good host, you'd want to offer them one or two delicacies.
In our three-pack we have the right little cakes for every taste:

Classic comes marzipan, with a hint of almond flavor, perfect for those who like the slightly tart taste of marzipan and delicious chocolate in combination.

Particularly noble are the eggnog cakes, refined with the best eggnog for that special taste and moment.

The yogurt-lemon cakes are so fruity, thanks to the Black Forest cherry liqueur we added for a particularly intense aroma.

All the cakes are baked in a light spongey dough and have a chocolate base, which gives them that distincitve taste. Served in bite-sized portions, they are ideal for guests - or, of course, for snacking in between!
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