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Colourful Easter Nest

Easter nest filled with chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny
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For children, the Easter egg hunt in the garden or in the park is the greatest joy on Easter. If the weather is right, after a hearty Easter breakfast, the adults can get some fresh air while the little ones joyfully search for small gifts and, of course, Easter nests. Help the Easter Bunny prepare - order the lovingly designed Easter nests from Lebkuchen-Schmidt for the children in your family!

The woven bamboo basket holds 16 eggs on Easter grass: wrapped in colourful foil on the outside, filled with delicious chocolate in different flavours on the inside. Forest fruit, nougat, macadamia, caramel and cream truffle are included, all without alcohol, of course. And who should not be missing from such an Easter nest? Of course, the Easter Bunny! That's why he is enthroned in the midst of his sweet souvenirs and delights the recipients.

By the way: Even the one or other adult is sure to enjoy such an Easter treat, so it's best to order several of the pretty nests at once!
In particular cases, some modifications of this document's contents may have been effected after publication. Therefore, please kindly check the ingredient list and the nutritional information on the product packaging itself before consumption.

chocolate and truffle selection
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, WHOLE MILK POWDER, cocoa mass, CREAM, HAZELNUT KERNEL, MACADAMIA NUTS, BUTTER, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, glucose syrup, humectant: sorbitol syrup; PURE BUTTER FAT, natural flavour, emulsifiers: SOYA LECITHIN, sunflower lecithin; black currant powder, blueberries, spices, salt, vanilla extract, Bourbon Vanilla beans extract, flavour, Bourbon Vanilla. Cocoa: 60% minimum in dark chocolate Cocoa butter: 34 % minimum in white chocolate Cocoa: 38% minimum in fine milk chocolate

responsible food company:
Confiserie Burg Lauenstein GmbH, Lauensteiner Str. 41, 96337 Ludwigsstadt
Nutritional information
General nutritional information * per
Energy 2.244kJ
- of which saturates
- of which sugars
Protein 5g
Salt 0,13g
Customer Rating
5/5.00 (2 Customer Rating)
Very good
Reichlich gefühlte Ostern Schale und ein kleiner süßer Hase in der Mitte passt sehr gut.
Very good
Ok Gut verpackt und gute Ware