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2x175g exquisite pastry specialities
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Try the extravagant pastry specialities
This is where tradition meets the modern art of baking: Together with our product developers, Alexander Herrmann has created two recipes for the Lebkuchen-Schmidt biscuit duo that could not be more different.

Hazelnut & cocoa are a proven and also very popular perfect match in the bakery and with chocolate. No wonder, since the sweetness of cocoa and the slight mild bitterness of the nuts is a perfectly balanced combination in terms of taste, which finds its perfection here.

The other duo partner comes along surprisingly and almost passionately: Cashew & salt. The sweetness comes from the nut and the salt supports the natural flavour in a unique way. Just bite into it and be amazed! We are sure these will be your new favourite biscuits.

Thanks to the collaboration between star chef Alexander Herrmann (by the way also Franconian, like Lebkuchen-Schmidt) and our product developers, extraordinary creations for our year-round pastries were created. We hope that you enjoy trying them out!
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4.82/5.00 (11 Customer Rating)
Very good
Sehr gut, mehr geht nicht.
Very good
Habe ich noch nicht gekostet. Gehe davon aus, das es schmeckt.
Very good
Gute Qualität und einen sehr guten Geschmak!
Very good
Herzhafter Geschmack, immer was für Zwischendurch
Very good
Habe es schon öfters gekauft und bin sehr zufrieden
Gute Kekse und sehr geschmacklich
Very good
Alles sieht sehr gut aus!
Very good
Sehr gelungen-top! Weiter so!
Very good
Einfach nur lecker, das Gebäck von Alexander !!!
Very good
Schnelle und reibungslose Abwicklung, sehr gute Qualität
Very good
Bestellung und Lieferung alles ok