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Cranberry & Honey Shortbread Biscuits

A creation of Alexander Herrmann
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Cranberries & honey combined
Cranberries and honey - this delicious, fruity combination is familiar to connoisseurs, especially from Nordic countries, where the cranberry is particularly popular. The red fruits, which are related to blueberries and grow on bushes, are mainly processed into jellies and dips, which are served with game and cheese. But cranberries also cut a fine figure in smoothies and muesli.

We hardly need to say anything about honey: The most natural sweetener of all is also a constituent part of our gingerbread and can be used in so many different ways that there is not enough space here to list them all.

Alexander Herrmann, the star chef from Franconia, has now combined cranberries and honey in a shortcrust pastry and created a completely new biscuit flavour that is guaranteed to please young and old gourmets alike. As always, Alexander Herrmann uses only the best ingredients, from the individual cranberry to the flour for the shortcrust pastry, and you can taste it in the delicious crispy biscuits with every bite. Try them - just like the other exciting biscuit creations by Alexander Herrmann for Lebkuchen-Schmidt!
In particular cases, some modifications of this document's contents may have been effected after publication. Therefore, please kindly check the ingredient list and the nutritional information on the product packaging itself before consumption.

Shortbread with 16 % cranberry and 5 % honey
Ingredients: SPELT FLOUR , sugar, BUTTER, cranberries 16 %, OAT FLAKES, blossom honey 5 %, HAZELNUTS, rapeseed oil, WHOLE EGG POWDER, lemon juice concentrate, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate; salt, sunflower oil.
May contain traces of other TREE NUTS, SESAME SEEDS, SOYBEANS and WHEAT.

responsible food company:
Lebkuchen-Schmidt GmbH & Co.KG, Zollhausstraße 30, D-90469 Nürnberg/Germany
Nutritional information
General nutritional information
* 1 piece = approx. 8.5g
Energy 1.936kJ
- of which saturates
- of which sugars
Fiber 3,6g 0,3g
Protein 6,8g 0,6g
Salt 0,25g 0,02g
Customer Rating
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