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Christmas Dream

A parcel full of Christmas enjoyment
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Christmas bakery classics in beautiful packag
"Joy to the World", our Christmas Dream Box in the 2020 edition promises joy for the whole world. With its trendy vintage wood look and a cleverly punched star, the packaging is already pleasing to the eye and the famous Christmas carol is immediately in everyone's ears.
Inside the box, we have put together the classics from the Lebkuchen-Schmidt bakery and gingerbread shop for you or those to whom you give the box as a present: Exquisite Elisen Lebkuchen, crunchy Speculatius biscuits and our speciality, the Dürer Bread on a chocolate base. This is what Christmas really tastes like! So give your loved ones a big, pleasurable experience with this gift box.

By the way, "Joy to the World" is one of the most popular Christmas songs in the Anglo-Saxon world. Isaac Watts wrote the text in 1719 and Lowell Watson composed a choral movement based on an older piece in 1836. However, the melody is very similar to parts of the Messiah oratorio by George Frederic Handel, which is why he is also considered the composer of this song. From the point of view of music history, however, it was a composition of the works of various musicians.
Package contents
Gingerbread Dürer Bread
Gingerbread Dürer Bread
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Elisen Bars
Elisen Bars
Ingredients Nutritional information