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Organic ginger in chocolate

Ginger sticks and ginger cubes in dark chocolate
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Ginger sticks
If you have only known ginger from Asian cuisine so far, then you should definitely click on "Add to basket" here. If you are already a fan of delicious ginger sweets, then you should do that anyway. Because our 3-pack of ginger cubes and ginger sticks in chocolate brings the spicy-chocolatey pleasure in organic quality to your snack plate - and the fine dark chocolate is also fair trade! The combination of the fine spiciness of the ginger and the delicately melting chocolate is actually indescribable, you simply have to try it!

By the way, the healthy ginger tuber comes from Asia (exactly where is no longer known) and is known as a spicy seasoning in the kitchen, but also as a household remedy for sore throats and stomach complaints. Ginger came to Europe as early as the 9th century, but while people in Britain have been enjoying ginger tea and ginger jam for many centuries, ginger only really arrived on the mainland with the breakthrough of Asian cuisine. Today, it's simply impossible to imagine life without it!

Enjoy ginger in chocolate with a delicious tea or simply in between meals. It simply always tastes good!
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Ingredients Nutritional information
Ingredients Nutritional information
Customer Rating
4.93/5.00 (15 Customer Rating)
Very good
Hervorragendes Produkt- ich liebe die Ingwerstäbchen und -Würfel!
Mal was anderes, leichte Schärfe
Very good
Super leckere Schokoladenstäbchen
Very good
Sehr lecker und nicht zu süß!
Very good
sieht lecker aus - ansprechend verpackt - ist ein Geschenk !
Very good
Nicht zu vergleichen mit Supermarktware. Einfach nur gut und lecker.
Very good
Schokolade mit dem scharfen Ingwer zusammen ist immer wieder ein Erlebnis.
Very good
Hm, sowas von lecker. Da wird bestimmt nachbestellt.
Very good
nichts dazuzufuegen und ist weiter zu empfehlen
Very good
Schokolade um den Ingwer sehr gut
Very good
Besonders in Bitter Schokolade mein absoluter Renner
Very good
Ingwer in Schokolade schmeckt vorzüglich.
Very good
Ja, ich denke sehr gut, aber ich werde es später probieren, denn sonst werde ich wie eine Kannone.
Very good
Findet die gut gut gut gut gut gut
Very good
Sehr gute geschmackvolle Ware.