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Demeter fruit spread

Set of 3 Strawberry, Raspberry, Rhubarb-Vanilla
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Delicious fruit spread
Have you ever tried to capture the taste of summer in a jar? Beerenbauern, a manufactory in the Franconian Switzerland with its own fruit cultivation, has done it: when you open one of the fruit spread jars, the delicious scent of raspberries, strawberries or rhubarb with a hint of vanilla rises to your nose. And when you bite into a roll or croissant that has been refined with this spread ... Mmmmmh. This is what summer really tastes like!

The secret of these fruit spreads lies in their gentle production: the fruits are boiled down in small quantities and gelled exclusively with natural apple pectin. The sweetness comes from the fruits and is supported by pure Demeter cane sugar. A splash of Sicilian lemon juice gives the fruit spreads that certain something extra. Thanks to the production method, the fruit content in the spreads is a tasty 70 percent.

Get the fruit spreads yourself on your breakfast stitch - but the pretty jars are also perfect as small souvenirs or sweet ingredients for an epicurean gift basket. Order your supply right away!
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Very good
Es ist immer wieder sehr schmackhaft
Very good