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  • Please send us your order in time to make sure that your parcel arrives on the desired date.
  • The time for processing your order in our company is already included in the conveyance time. The number of calendar days count from the date of order receipt.
  • Due to postal regulations, we cannot use address labels and shipping documents other than those of our own company.
  • If you are sending a present through our gift service, your name will clearly be mentioned on the parcel label.
  • The parcels are dispatched by order of customer. Delivery as an insured parcel with value declared or as an express carry out parcel is not possible.
  • For order values between € 5,- and € 10,- we charge a small-order surcharge of € 3,50 per recipient address. We regret that we cannot execute orders with a value of less than € 5,-.
  • For the postage rates for Parcels/Packages sent to countries other than Germany, please refer to the list of countries and postage rates on the reverse side. Please note: when sending more than one item outside Germany, the corresponding total weight and the shipping cost may possibly be higher due to additional package material and outer packaging.
  • Normally there are no more duties and/or additional fees in the country of destination. Please note, however, that - if there are any - they have to be paid by the recipient. We‘re sorry that covering or including these costs during order processing/shipping isn‘t possible.
  • Please do not enclose any cash or postage stamps in your order. We cannot assume any liability for loss.
  • We send parcels to almost every country in the world! If you want to send your parcel to a country not listed on the back, please contact us.
  • We deliver in accordance with the respective national import regulations. Please take this into account when doing your selection. Please contact us if you need any further details.
  • All personal data is treated confidentially. In line with the existing official data protection regulations, all personal and corporate data are stored and processed. We shall not use your gift service recipient addresses for advertising purposes. We will not pass on your address and order details to third parties. Our current terms and conditions can be requested and viewed on our web-site.
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