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Questions regarding our products

The difference between Oblaten Lebkuchen and Elisen Lebkuchen is mainly their respective oilseed contents, like hazelnuts or almonds. The German guidelines for Feine Backwaren (fine baked goods) regulate exactly the legal requirements for each recipe.
With Oblaten Lebkuchen there is also a distinction between ‘normal’ Oblaten Lebkuchen with a minimum of 7% oilseed content and ‘premium’ Oblaten Lebkuchen with a minimum of 14% oilseed content. Schmidt only produces the high-quality Premium Oblate Lebkuchen.
Elisen Lebkuchen’s oilseed content corresponds to at least 25% in their paste. Also, for Elisen quality Lebkuchen only so called 'precious oilseeds' can be used. These are hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds.
The expiry date is printed on every single pack of Lebkuchen. Because Lebkuchen are ‘long storage pastries’ they can be kept for several weeks if stored correctly (in a rather cool and heat-protected spot where they have enough moisture). When kept longer than recommended they tend to be dry and lack freshness.
From September onwards, we guarantee that all products purchased with us won’t expire before January of the following year.
Our white Lebkuchen are too soft to be used in sauces and due to their distinct anis taste, they might compromise the flavoring of your sauce. We would recommend using our honey biscuits as a so called Sauce Lebkuchen, they will add a great taste to your sauce.
For Blossom honey bees collect the nectar from blossoms. For Forest Honey they collect honeydew, the sweet secretions of aphids.
You can easily re-liquefy the sugar crystals by gently heating the honey, without compromising its quality. We recommend heating the jar in a pot of 40°C hot water for several hours, stirring every now and again.
The expiry date is printed on every single jar of honey. In general, honey is a product with a long shelf life of several months.
All our Lebkuchen Schmidt honeys are cold extracted and correspond to the German Honey Regulation which bans any other form of honey extraction.
In principle it is common practice to cold extract honey. The honey is separated from the honeycomb with a centrifuge at room temperature and must not be heated above 40°C. This process is called cold extraction. In former times, this expression distinguished cold extracted honey from honey which was separated from the honeycomb by a heated process.
Unfortunately we do not have this in stock.
Technically, Lebkuchen can be frozen in appropriate freezer bags. However, it is important that they are defrosted gently and slowly. The more gently this is done the softer and more succulent they will be once defrosted.
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