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Lebkuchen-Schmidt Lebkuchenwelt

„A heartfelt Welcome“: The modern Lebkuchenwelt.

A trip to Nuremberg is the best opportunity to visit the world’s largest mail order company for Nuremberg’s Lebkuchen and pastry specialties. The stylish visitors‘ hall has a capacity of up to 100 people. A 20-minute movie introduces our guests to the land of sweet delicacies accompanied by coffee, mulled wine and of course freshly baked samples.


„Come on in“: The historical bakery

Here we show our visitors how the original Lebkuchen were baked when they were first invented. Tasting Lebkuchen samples is not only allowed but more than welcomed!

Lebkuchenwelt für Reiseunternehmer

„Bargain shopping“: The factory outlet

Our factory outlet with its vast product range offers a very special shopping experience. From meticulously designed chests and tastily filled tins to single pastry packs and Lebkuchen with little ‘flaws’, the young and young at heart gourmets will find anything they desire at factory outlet prices.

Lebkuchen-Schmidt offers this experience for groups of at least 5 people..

Registration required (Registration period: 14 days). By phone at +49 (0) 911-89 66 278 or by email an

Quick and easy:

Our modern Lebkuchenwelt on Zollhausstrasse 30 is only a 15-minute ride from the city center. There is a large parking lot. Our store at Zollhausstrasse is conveniently located and easily accessible from the A73 / B8. We’re only 8km on the A73 or an 8 minute ride from the shipping dock of Nuremberg’s port. For pedestrians: bus numbers 52 and 68 stop right outside our door.

The Christmas market in Nuremberg


Christmasmarket in Nuremberg

At the Nuremberg Main Market, in the heart of the city, opens every year Germany's most famous Christmas market stalls for its visitors from the world. Until Christmas Eve annually visit more than two million People from all over the world the Nuremberg Christmas market.

Lebkuchen-Schmidt is represented twice at the Christmas market

Hexenhaus am Christkindlesmarkt

The Witch House is every year at the Christmas market in Nuremberg. It is in the Zollhausstr. 30 mined and transported to the Christmas market.

Our store on the main market during the Christmas Market

Christkindlesmarkt Festladen

Our Store at the Main market

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